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How to Quickly Reduce Menstrual Pain

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Menstruation is a physiological changes that occur in a woman's body on a regular basis and are influenced by reproductive hormones FSH and LH Estrogen-Progerteron. Menstruation is often touted phase in which women are puberty or puberty. Most women often feel pain during menstruation in the first days.

It is considered natural origin not to interfere with daily activities. Because when peeling dirty blood often occurs reactions that make pert pain, so if you feel pain reasonable not to worry. We will give you a quick way reduces menstrual pain.

The pain and cramps experienced by women as a result of the contraction and the reaction when menstruation. The pain and cramping, if moving a little, can cause pain that makes you feel uncomfortable. Yet when menstruating you also feel weak, but should feel the pain too, already can imagine how much it hurts.

Here's how to quickly reduce menstrual pain:

1. Physical activity
Try to exercise every day to reduce pain during menstruation, because the body is healthy then the pain would not hurt so much. Regular exercise such as yoga, aerobics and jogging can help the body to smooth blood menstrual cycle.

But when menstruating should reduce the time and strenuous activities. Because when the body will release much menstrual blood so that it becomes limp. Therefore do not engage in activities that exertion so that the body is not getting limp and cape.

2. Vitamins
Consuming vitamin E contained in Avocado fruit and egg yolk can cope with the symptoms of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome and menstrual pain. Consumption of vitamin C and zinc are routinely able to make egg and reproductive systems become more healthy and fertile good for the health of your uterus.

3. Apply warm water
Compressing the abdomen or ache with warm water can make your stomach more comfortable although it can not recover fully to overcome the pain. But do not use too hot water, warm water input into the plasti and stick it on any part of the pain. If a sense of warmth from the hot water had not yet lost and then paste the cold water or ice water. Warm sensation then this will neutralize the cold temperatures in the stomach. Do it every time until it feels pain subsides. I think this is the safest way because it will not cause any effect yet can quickly relieve pain.

4. Drink Analgesics
How to quickly reduce the next menstrual pain is by taking medications that contain analgesics. Containing analgesic drugs should only be taken when the pain became unbearable again. If the pain has not gone away you should consult a doctor to get more intensive treatment.

How to quickly relieve menstrual pain can be done to help to carry out your activities were hampered due to menstruation. If you often experience pain until may interfere with daily activities, you should consult a doctor immediately. Because the health of the uterus and a vital tool very important to your development as a mother later.

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