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Unique Facts Behind Corn for Healthy Hair

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Many of the properties of corn for health as well as the staple diet. Because of relatively high carbohydrate content and sugar content enough to make maize in some areas become a staple food in addition to rice and cassava.

But behind the benefits of corn, corn silk it also has health benefits. Most people make corn silk as waste that does not have any benefit. But apparently that opinion is wrong because there are unique facts behind corn for healthy hair.

A study showed that the efficacy of the corn silk is not as important as corn kernels. The content of n high antioxidant substances such as flavonoids, sapoin, beta-carotene and other secondary metabolites content.

Here are some unique facts behind corn silk for health:

1. Treat Kidney Stones
Corn silk can also be useful for treating kidney stones. During the treatment of kidney diseases using chemicals faster. But now has been found a natural way to treat the kidney stones naturally using corn silk.

How to prepare 4 pieces of baby corn and then grab her hair and 8 leaves nasty shard. Boil all ingredients with 110 ml of water to boil. Drink the cooking water for two weeks on a regular basis, just once a day. If you've been out the stones stop this treatment method. Continue by drinking herbal potions meniran, how brewed leaves 30 grams meniran and cat whiskers. Drink as a tea to drink every other day.

2. Treating Diabetes
Extra nutrients contained in corn silk can regulate blood sugar levels in the body. The content of secondary metabolites that function as lowering diabetes.

You do this by boiling 50 grams of corn silk with 2 cups water until the remaining half a. Drinking boiled water twice per day on a regular basis until normal blood sugar levels. If the blood sugar is normal, you can drink this potion two weeks to keep blood sugar levels normal.

3. Lowering Blood Pressure
Unique facts behind corn silk for further health that can lower blood pressure. The content of secondary metabolites that function as lowering hypertension. Nutrients contained in corn silk is still fresh or processed into tea is very good for lowering blood pressure.

The trick boiled 50 grams of corn silk and one stem ginger with enough water to boiling. Allow to cool and then strain it and give honey to taste. Drink this mixture regularly and regularly once a day.

4. Prevent the risk of bladder infections.
The content of the corn hair can help someone avoid a bladder problem, because corn silk can clean and kill bacteria around the bladder. You do this by boiling corn silk to taste and drink three times a week every morning. If you do not really like the taste, it can add honey to taste.

The following unique facts behind corn for healthy hair that you can try at home. It never hurts to try to cure you are going to get later. However, because the content within a hair of corn is high enough above tips should be done according to the rules. In order for your health is maintained and does not cause side effects.

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